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The Cupcake Grrrls [entries|friends|calendar]
Cupcake Grrrls

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wakey wakey, little community [04 Mar 2009|09:53am]

This community has so much potential for awesomeness so it makes me sad that I had forgotten it existed, and when I clicked the link on my profile page I was distressed that there has been nothing posted for very nearly a year.
So, here is a post. Say hello! Introduce yourself!

I'm Briar. I'm eighteen and I'm from New Zealand but I currently love in Montreal and I'm having an affair with New York from afar. I secretly love YA fiction even though I'm an English major taking 400 level courses on 'important' books. I only discovered Francesca Lia Block quite recently (very hard to find her stuff in NZ) but I adore it. I also love love love Brigid Lowry and everyone should read Guitar Highway Rose and Follow The Blue. I love Amanda Palmer from the Dresden Dolls beyond all other musicians, but I'm also a serious fangrrrl of Sleater-Kinney and pretty much anything of the riot grrrl persuasion. I like dying my hair bright pink and wearing bright coloured things and making cupcakes with dinosaur jellies on top and playing the ukulele and flute (but not at the same time) and being crafty when I can. I want to be a better photographer and to speak French more often and to find some love in my life, beyond that for American-style lemonade (back home 'lemonade' is Sprite).

And this is what I look like. Hi. (I like to play dress-ups)

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[02 Apr 2008|10:19pm]

i was in the states recently and the first thing i did when i got to a bookstore was to get Francesca Lia Block's Weetzie Bat. Oh they are so difficult to get in Ireland! I'm not a teenager anymore but that does't mean her stories don't make my dreams technicolour and LA kitsch. yay!
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Dolls & clothing [11 Jan 2008|01:21am]

some things I have made lately:
Buy Handmade
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Francesca Lia Block [25 Sep 2007|03:10am]

[ mood | happy ]

I am selling my copies of The Hanged Man, Violet & Claire, I was a Teenage Fairy &, Girl Goddess # 9: Nine Stories by the fantastic Francesca Lia Block!

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ISSUE NUMBER NINE of "she's so very..." AVAILABLE NOW! [24 Sep 2007|11:20pm]

issue number nine. $1.00

26 half sized pages. text with comics by sassafrassy.

spring/summer (april - august) 2007

JERK ALERT! goes on their first tour of the south and meets fred schnieder! melissa ann falls in love, and it's for real this time! this issue deals a lot with relationships of all sorts (soul-mate grrrl friends moving far far away; moving in with love-of-life), getting older, body image, pornography and fears and hopes for the future, as well as some current pop culture favorites.

contact me for details!

issue number nine will also eventually be available at boxcar books in bloomington.
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i'm so glad i found you! [15 Aug 2007|02:25pm]

i'm pretty geeky and really into forming some of my life's strongest bonds over internet/snail mail because it's good when you're a shy grrrl like me.

i'm SO HAPPY to have found this community, it's perfect, and i just wanted to say thanks for leading me to a profile page that lists everything i love. i feel like i've found my home.

so, in reciprocation, two fun links:

my other "aha!" moment of self identification: quirkyalone


use science to turn rain into cupcakes!
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[14 May 2007|06:24pm]

tis the season to scramble for money for school putting a few paintings up for grabs before cannibalizing them for spare canvas...

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This place is deeaaad [19 Mar 2007|02:47am]

(Not exactly work safe, one minor panty shot, unintentional I assure you)

My best feature, and the rest of themCollapse )
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Glitter Trash Prompts [06 Mar 2007|12:41pm]

Glitter Trash Slash Co-Op prompts for the week!

Do anything you want art/fic/photos/videos/whatever you want based on however many you want of the following:
Vintage Shopping
Safety pins
The Sea
Back Alleys
The Velvet Underground
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Glitter Trash Prompts [19 Feb 2007|11:54am]

I run a fandom community, and I thought I'd share our weekly prompts with you guys...
Glitter Trash prompts for the week!
Nail Polish
bubble bath
On Stage
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hi [18 Jan 2007|09:31am]

[ mood | creative ]

I joined this community a little while ago, in hopes that I could find new people a little bit more like me than I usually come in contact with. This is a new livejournal, a fresh start for me and im not looking to fill it with negative engery, meaning I don't like net drama :] So, I guess I'm so supposed to talk about myself now...?

I live in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.
I hate it, I'd much rather be in Portland, OR.
I'm incredibly young, don't hold it against me.
Honestly, it's not my fault.
I can be very quite, and shy.
But I can also be very bitchy and in your face.
I love japanese food, fashion, and culture.
Girls > Boys
I smoke, I drink, I have fun.
I do a lot of artisian work.
Sewing, altering, and even the basic stuff.
Like drawing, painting, photography and collages.
Riot grrrl & punk are the ulimate everything.
At the moment my top three favortive musicains are,
Hole, the sex pistols, and P.J. harvey.
My favorite T.V. shows are Dexter and House.
I'm in love with Sylvia Plath, Andy Warhol, Audrey Herpburn,-
Courtney Love, and Johnny Rotten.
What can I say? I'm uber groupie.

Picutres of me, my surroundings, and artCollapse )

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ps [12 Jan 2007|02:50pm]

[ mood | creative ]

I'm pretty visual, so I thought some piccies would be in order!!

Me and my friend Theresa on Halloween she's on the left, I'm on the right:

Me being cool:

And finally, me and my lovely bass, Jordan:

Have a good day grrrrls!!

IM me if you ever wanna: AIM PunkHoney09 or GlitterRiotgrrl


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Hey! [12 Jan 2007|02:37pm]

[ mood | creative ]

I've been a member for a looooooooong time, but yeah here I am.

I love the whole 'cupcake girl' thing, us cool girls gotta stick together!!

I love gliter and Daria and pink things and I play bass guitar, and hoepfully will be formong an all/mostly girl band with my friend Theresa called Popstar Regicide...I LOVE how that sounds!!

What else...I'm the president of my colleges gay/staright allinace, and I love it! All that arguing with my parents was worth it! (don't get me wrong. they love me. they just think I'm making a spectacle of myself. Like I don't do that already!  ^_^ ) And yea well I'm bisexual, so if you don't like it, tough nuggies!! :p  

Also, I love Kiss My Tiara READ IT! You'll love it!

List of stuff I like
~green tea
~makeup and nail polsih
~ART! Every kind of art out there!!
~pretty shoes
~progressive politics
~making lists

In fact, I made my onw version of My Favorite Things!! Check it out:

To the tune of “My Favorite Things”:
Fishnets and mirrors and anything shiny.
Music that’s loud, female and whiney.
MySpace and jewelry and sparkly things. These are a few of my favorite things
Not eating meat and horoscope pages 
Jane magazine and anything outrageous
Pixies and fairies and worshipping Spring, these are a few of my favorite things
Empire Records and subtext with slashes. 
Safety pins, pagans, and thick wooden matches.
Susan Jane Gilman and vintage mood rings, these are a few of my favorite things.
When the meds fail,
when my friends bail,
when I’m feeling sad,
I simply remember my favorite things, and then I don’t feel so bad!


So I'm still off from school for another week or so, in...10 days! AUGH!

haha no worries, and ooooooh I have a  guy that's almost my boyfriend, it's going pretty well.

How are you girls all doing today?


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[21 Dec 2006|09:19pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

hey there...this is a quiet place! my name is Heather anyway, I'm 24, can't remember how i found this group. probably something to do with Sandman! I sing in a band (http://listen.to/thesensors), my hair is black at the moment but my favourite hair colour is cherry red, and i'm mad for androgyny, harry potter, glitter, tank girl, dressing up (i'm digging the dita von teese look recently), i'm bisexual (but married) and i used to publish a Manic Street Preachers zine called Run Over By No Direction. my favourite haribo candy is the sour cherry, and i drink absynth. Oh and I used to devour Francesca Lia Block books when I was 15, spending my days eating lollipops and dreaming of a Los Angeles like the one in her books. You can't find her books where i live now, it's sort of sad.

so...yeah. hi. tea, anyone?

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Hope ya don't mind [29 Sep 2006|12:22am]

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Breakfast From Tiffany's Photos [07 Sep 2006|01:37pm]

That's it, from now on I don't give little old ladies some of my bread when I'm going to fetch water... I mean jewels dropping out of my mouth when I talk... you have any idea how much it hurts to have an emerald come up your esophagus? Enough of my nonsense, I'm so self absorbed, umm I saw Joan Jett last weekend she rocks, also the fact that I might be working at a record store rocks, also my GF's cutting my hair this weekend *crosses fingers* so umm yes, that's my life in a nut shell, also I found really cute scrubs for beauty school (we're forced to wear scrubs and "really cute" is a relative term) X-posted across the land
Jeffree Star Eat Your Heart OutCollapse )
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New Member! [17 Aug 2006|08:38pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Hey, everyone! I've been lurking around here for a bit, and finally decided to join. My name's Murphy (and yes, it is my real name), and I love cupcakes! I am also fond of glitter, thrift shops, antique shops, satin ribbons, lace, fairy tales (the real ones, mind you), and shiny objects. And I like girls, which makes me a literal "grrrl," I suppose.

Ah, before I forget, I have a link I thought you'd like. If this isn't allowed, please delete it.


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books! [10 Aug 2006|04:54pm]

i just recently finished reading Lewis Carroll's "The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass"  and absolutely loved it!
what other sort of books would fall under the category of cupcakey-ness?
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Promo [04 Aug 2006|11:21pm]

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Let me know if I need to delete this! [04 Aug 2006|01:55pm]


We are the Elite heartbreakers.The wicked ones, your mommy warned you about. We'll take your heart, and put it through the shredder. We have few limits.We tease and rarely please.We're the darker side of sexy, the silhoutte's of lust.We are the Wicked fxcks are you?

Apply today at
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