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witch baby

wakey wakey, little community

This community has so much potential for awesomeness so it makes me sad that I had forgotten it existed, and when I clicked the link on my profile page I was distressed that there has been nothing posted for very nearly a year.
So, here is a post. Say hello! Introduce yourself!

I'm Briar. I'm eighteen and I'm from New Zealand but I currently love in Montreal and I'm having an affair with New York from afar. I secretly love YA fiction even though I'm an English major taking 400 level courses on 'important' books. I only discovered Francesca Lia Block quite recently (very hard to find her stuff in NZ) but I adore it. I also love love love Brigid Lowry and everyone should read Guitar Highway Rose and Follow The Blue. I love Amanda Palmer from the Dresden Dolls beyond all other musicians, but I'm also a serious fangrrrl of Sleater-Kinney and pretty much anything of the riot grrrl persuasion. I like dying my hair bright pink and wearing bright coloured things and making cupcakes with dinosaur jellies on top and playing the ukulele and flute (but not at the same time) and being crafty when I can. I want to be a better photographer and to speak French more often and to find some love in my life, beyond that for American-style lemonade (back home 'lemonade' is Sprite).

And this is what I look like. Hi. (I like to play dress-ups)

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