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I joined this community a little while ago, in hopes that I could find new people a little bit more like me than I usually come in contact with. This is a new livejournal, a fresh start for me and im not looking to fill it with negative engery, meaning I don't like net drama :] So, I guess I'm so supposed to talk about myself now...?

I live in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.
I hate it, I'd much rather be in Portland, OR.
I'm incredibly young, don't hold it against me.
Honestly, it's not my fault.
I can be very quite, and shy.
But I can also be very bitchy and in your face.
I love japanese food, fashion, and culture.
Girls > Boys
I smoke, I drink, I have fun.
I do a lot of artisian work.
Sewing, altering, and even the basic stuff.
Like drawing, painting, photography and collages.
Riot grrrl & punk are the ulimate everything.
At the moment my top three favortive musicains are,
Hole, the sex pistols, and P.J. harvey.
My favorite T.V. shows are Dexter and House.
I'm in love with Sylvia Plath, Andy Warhol, Audrey Herpburn,-
Courtney Love, and Johnny Rotten.
What can I say? I'm uber groupie.

This is my latest painting called Double "X"

this was taken this morning :3



Some of my photography

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